Are you looking for commissioned work by me? 

My historical experience is I very much enjoy working directly with the client. Invariably, my clients have a vision what they have wanted based on work that they have already seen or own. Creating a commission involves very close collaboration with the client, it is a lot of fun in my experience.

I can provide commissions for work in oil, watercolour, pencil and mixed media based pretty much on any size. I will also work with you, the client, to get the image properly framed in a way that works with the painting and the location in your environment. You can be with me in the studio while I am working and have input during the work.

What are the type of commissions that I have worked with so far? I have done portraits, abstracts, themed works, landscapes and nudes using the styles that you see on this website. I use very good quality materials, in particular I like good quality paper if I am working in watercolour or paper based creative media.

I don't like working with photographs and prefer to work from life. I have done nude drawing and painting in the client's environment, I dont do so called boudoir work as the images date very quickly.

Pricing is based on my time and any expenses I may incur to produce the work, materials costs are transparent and are treated as a separate cost, you can therefore determine the dimensions and other aspects of the finished product, similarly, the framing & their transport costs are transparent. The client owns preparatory work. Image copyright resides with the artist. I also request that the created work is available for exhibiting should this opportunity arise.

I am based in Bath and this is where my studio is. You are welcome to visit me and discuss commission with out any obligation to proceed or cost. Once the quotation estimate is agreed, the commission will proceed. Should the commission not be accepted then the only cost to bear for the client is the materials costs incurred (based on the initial estimate) - so far this has not happened.

Should you be interested in proceeding, simply go to contacts (above) and indicate interest.